Accessible Public Procurement

Bidmark combines an online procurement portal with professional services to make government acquisitions and contracting faster, less expensive, and more diverse. 100% free to use.


Bidmark's intuitive portal for publicizing and managing solicitations with year-round product research services speeds up vendor evaluation and selection.

Generating SAVINGS

Increasing vendor participation and facilitating cooperative purchasing can reduce supplier costs by as much as 30% through competition and volume.


Year-round training and marketing services in partnership with affinity trade associations helps vendors of all backgrounds participate.

Improving public procurement requires bringing better software and process support services together in a single solution.


Bidmark’s SaaS solution allows users to post RFPs and other solicitations with automated matching to relevant vendors. Includes question/answer and response management features. More modules under development.


Bidmark’s sourcing support services are designed to demystify procurement for vendors and empower stakeholders through research, solicitation design, contract development, and process improvements.

Supporting Research For Bidmark

Promoting greater competition and tools such as performance contracting could net governments 20-40% savings on total contract spend.
McKinsey & Company
Aug 2020
Using digital tools, promoting cooperative purchasing, and reforming process can reduce many purchasing inefficiencies and increase time to contract.
Boston Consulting Group
Nov 2018
Returning to pre-pandemic staffing levels is an obstacle, hampered by salaries and work policies that lag even more behind the private sector, decreasing in-house capacity.
Governng (publication)
May 2022

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